People with Purpose

People with Purpose: Mastering the Art of the Natural Clothing High

I love to see, hear and read about people living and loving a purposeful life. There is nothing like seeing the passion, creativity and charisma of a person who loves what they do. With this in mind, I am happy to bring to you a new segment of this blog: People with Purpose. Each month I'll be chatting with someone I've crossed paths with who is loving their life by living their purpose each and every day.

For this month's People with Purpose I chatted to Rebecca Jane who gave up her corporate career after having children. She started a personal styling business that aligned to her purpose of enhancing women's self-confidence through what they wear. With a talent for understanding the shape of each woman's body and an eye for fashion, colour and fabric, Rebecca Jane is empowering women to dress with confidence and is liberating them with their own personal style.

Rebecca Jane Personal Styling

What is the name of your business and why did you decide to start it?

My business is called Rebecca Jane Styling. I started it in 2013 when I decided not to go back to my corporate career after having children. Instead I opted for a career path which would still keep me engaged, challenged, fulfilled and creative but most importantly extremely flexible so I could plan around my family.

What is the purpose behind your business? Is it aligned to your life purpose?

My purpose is to bring self-confidence and body shape acceptance to my clients. Every woman deserves to walk out of their door each morning with their head held high, ready to face everything that comes their way. It's about learning, embracing and showing off what we love about our bodies. By doing this, the bits we aren't so keen on are naturally camouflaged. You may not realise, but I am 1-2 sizes bigger on my bottom half.  This makes dress/ skirt/ pant shopping tricky, but if it wasn't for this personal challenge I very much doubt I'd be in this job today. When mastering a skill that benefits yourself it's always so nice to further extend that skill to share with others. I love my shape and it's made me who I am today, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Why do you love what you do?

The way people see themselves is very different to how we see each other. I love to share with my clients the beauty that I see in them and help them to embrace their best features which will naturally disguise the areas of their body they don't feel comfortable with. To see a woman look in the mirror and feel comfortable with their reflection is a very satisfying result for me. Everyone has the power to feel this sometimes we just need an expert's eye to show us how. 

Do you often feel in a state of flow when you work with clients? What does this feel like?

I get the same buzz when my client lights up the change room that I do when I find a perfect outfit for myself. You know the feeling when you nail that perfect top/jacket/dress, butterflies in the tummy and excitement. So you could say I'm constantly on a natural clothing high everyday even when the purchase is not for myself! 

What's been the biggest highlight from when you've worked with a client?

Big change takes time and when someone has seen themselves a certain way their whole life, change is slow. So when a regular client who focused on the negatives of their body slowly started to see what I see in a person, their beautiful side, it's amazing what you can do for them. Although this process was over a year long and took lots of baby steps the transformation and shift in self esteem was amazing and very rewarding to see.

What's your biggest tip for people who are thinking about starting a business that is aligned to their purpose?

Rebecca Jane Personal Styling

Firstly, believe that you deserve to have a successful business and be your own boss.

Secondly, you can't be an expert on every aspect of your business, seek outside help in the areas that are your weakest.

Finally, to help you with that, find your like-minded crew. Get involved in social networking and surround yourself with individuals on a similar path to you. Share experiences, help each other out and swap services!

You can see and read more about Rebecca Jane on her website and follow her on instagram and facebook.

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Rebecca Jane Styling

Growing up in the beautiful seaside town of Torquay on Victoria’s surf coast, Rebecca now lives in Bayside Melbourne raising a young family with her husband, Rob. 

A regular volunteer at an Australian not for profit organisation helping disadvantaged women dress and speak with confidence, Rebecca is professional (tertiary qualified with extensive experience within the corporate apparel, accessories and footwear industry), passionate, creative and up to date on all the latest trends. 

Rebecca combines her industry knowledge with a personal touch to provide women with style, fashion and image guidance, showing them how to embrace their bodies and wear clothing and accessories that perfectly suit their shape proudly and confidently.